How to Create Submenu in Blogger/Blogspot (Using Artisteer)

Posted: March 20, 2012 in Abt Web

A lot of the bloggers who are wondering: “How to create a sub menu on the blog”. There are actually several ways, but this time let Damz Share is a tutorial to make a sub menu mengghunakan Artisteer.What is Artisteer?, Is a designer template Artisteer own website, so essentially create your own templates. Damz Share also using a template created with Artisteer. Well, now living how to make it, but how to make it this time ONLY VERSION OTHER BLOGGER LIKE WORDPRESS WEB SITE OR THE ORDINARY, DIFFERENT tutorial. Easy tutorial does not need messing about ngatik scripts, CSS or other, you just need to see tutorial below:
  1. Open Artisteer
  2. Then the following picture emerged:
  3. Select Blogger
  4. Create your template, then finish
  5. And then click Publish template to or File>Export>Publish Template to
  6. Log in First, then DON’T CLICK PUBLISH
  7. On the log in form that there is a button “Options” then click on Options
  8. Change the “Horizontal menu source” from “Pages” to “Custom”, as shown below:
  9. Click Ok
  10. Now you can Publish Template
  11. Wait for Loading Process
  12. After Loading is Complete, Follow the steps of Export
  13. When Export has Finish, open
  14. Then will appear widget named: “Top Menu” Like this picture below:
  15. Click edit in Top Menu, and then This windows will PopUp
  16. Fill New site url with anything url, for Example:, Fill New site name With Title Url Example: Request, then click Add link it will be like this picture:
  17. Then move “-Games” to the Down of “request” by using button like the picture below:
  18. It will be Like this picture below:
  19. Then simply make the new more link, then it could be like this:
  20. The key as in the following figure:
  21. Then the result maybe like this picture below:

Good Luck!

By: Team blusky


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